Jun 13, 2013

Why I've Started Posting Weekly, Not Daily

Posted by Unknown at Thursday, June 13, 2013
For a few months, I was posting on this blog daily, and for a few months... blogging stopped being fun.
It took me a month-long break and a long time thinking to figure out why this was, and a few weeks ago I finally figured it out.
Blogging started being the same thing over and over, it was like some grind office 9-5 job, where you were doing the same thing every day, the creativity I loved when I had just wrote a couple of posts a week or even, when I was just starting out, a month was lost in a haze of repetitive memes that I could barely tell apart and had no fun doing but I felt I had to do, or else I wasn't posting enough, wasn't as good as the other blogs.
It's taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, but I am now going to only be posting a few times weekly mostly instead of daily, because I don't ever want to stop blogging like I did for those few months.
Thank you for understanding, and please check back weekly! :)


  1. That is a great idea to pull back and post a little less so that it becomes fun again!

  2. I think that's a great idea! I'd rather you post less often and continue enjoying it, than you post daily and start to hate it. Because if you hate what you love.. Where do you go from there?

    Keep up the great job! I'm biting my nails with this Teardrop contest!! :)

  3. Makes sense, I work 7 days a week so I have a hard time posting even once a week, I do my best though.


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