Apr 15, 2013

Why I Haven't Been On The Blog Much : Novel In A Month & Some Crappy Metaphors

Posted by Unknown at Monday, April 15, 2013
For the entire month of April, I haven't been on the blog once, i'm sorry!
The reason is, as some of you may know, there's a thing called Camp Nanowrimo, similair to Nanowrimo, which is, quite fundamentally, to write a novel in a month, and a session of this is happening over April.
I originally planned to write one 25K novella for the entire month, although two days ago I finished a 21.5K novella i'm really happy with, and am writing another one for the rest of April - thus, all my free time is focused on writing, not blogging.
Okay, now that i'm done giving crappy excuses, I'm going to do some crappy metaphors, whoo-hoo!
Does anyone else have a hard time with showing their manuscript to someone they know in real life? I have never shown a manuscript to anyone whom I don't only know on the internet.
I think the reason for this is (caution: my horrible attempt at a metaphor follows), that my manuscripts are like my babies, and showing them to people whose opinions matter a lot to me, is like sending them to Kindergarten - what if the other kids don't like them? What if they bully them? What if she spends reccess alone on the bench, fiddling with her coat zipper since no one will talk to her? Wouldn't it almost be better to home school her instead, so she never sees the inside of the school building, so we won't have to take a chance on her being liked?
So, that's my odd metaphor, considering I don't even have children. c:
I'll be back in a few days with postings that aren't weird and actually have something to do with books that aren't my own, but for now, post your own metaphors in the comments, and good luck on any writing journey you might undertake. :)


  1. Hi Emily!

    I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo, too. That's all I've been doing.
    I messaged you on goodreads about the guest post we were planning to have me do on here, but then it got interfered with by my untimely surgery.

    If you still would like me to do a guest post/review, please message me or contact me through my blogs, and if not, I totally understand.


  2. That is wonderful that you enjoy writing so much and it means so much to you. It's great to have a passion like that in life. I wish I could write, but I have always been better at speaking than writing! Good luck!


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