Feb 24, 2013

On My Bookshelf : Girl, Stolen by April Henry

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On My Bookshelf : Girl, Stolen by April Henry
Source: Me - haha. c:
Format: Kindle(this is the first book i've finished on my new Kindle, yay, haha!)
Pagecount: 213 Pages
Publication Date: December 1st, 2010
My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of the car while her stepmom fills a prescription for antibiotics. Before Cheyenne realizes what's happening, the car is being stolen.

Griffin hadn't meant to kidnap Cheyenne and once he finds out that not only does she have pneumonia, but that she's blind, he really doesn't know what to do. When his dad finds out that Cheyenne's father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes--now there's a reason to keep her. 

How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare?
My Review: 3.5 stars is higher than I was planning on giving this book, the bad far outweighs the good in it.
Let me start at the beginning  with the biggest reason why I didn't like it (extremely mild spoiler - said thing begins within the first 10, 15 pages) she's like best friends with the person who KIDNAPPED her. So, a guy kidnaps you, and is most likely planning your death, and what do you do? You start telling him your life story & conversing and chatting with him like you would a friend. I found it entirely unrealistic.
Does anyone else see something wrong with this?
The overall story, other than that aspect, is pretty good, the reason(well, this cover, which for some reason I ADORE is a tiny contributing factor to this reason too) I gave this 3.5 instead of 2.5 stars is because I LOVE the main character, I love like 94% of the things about her, which is pretty good, I love her personality, and the fact that her blindness doesn't limit her much.
Overall, I recommend this, as long as you can overlook the weirdness of the best-friends thing. 


  1. Thanks for the review! I find that kind of weird too, but I still think I'm going to add this to my to-read list, it sounds interesting!

  2. Thank YOU for commenting. :) I'll be sure to check out your blog!!

  3. I read this for Book Battle last year. I didn't find it odd at the time, lol. Maybe it's just me and my middle school innocent self O_o

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

  4. @Sophia Yeah, i've noticed that a lot less reviewers than I thought would have have made any comment about the weirdness of it, haha, maybe i'm just weird. c:
    Oh, and i'll be sure to check out your blog!

  5. Yeah, I really didn´t get into this book.

  6. I actually haven't heard of this one, but I know she just released a new one... The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die...? Something like that. Anyway, since this one ended up being such a disappointment, I'm wondering if her new one will be, too. Hm. I'll have to think carefully before purchasing this one, and the new one. Thanks for the review! It really helped!


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