Feb 28, 2013

Books With Similar Covers

Posted by Unknown at Thursday, February 28, 2013
While browsing around Amazon for new books to read, i've noticed some books will use the same image as another completely unrelated book. I thought i'd share some with you, as I thought it was interesting(no offense is meant by comparing these).

Look at the evidence, and then make your own verdict. c:

The above cover similarity is from http://www.bakerbrand.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cover5.png, as is the one underneath - I thought they were too similar to not share!

Thanks for reading, I might do more posts about books with similar covers if you guys like them - they're pretty fun! :)


  1. Oh, I find these really interesting. When I was looking through amazon free ebooks once, I was surprised because I had thought they had made Fallen free! Turns out, it was Leopard Moon. There's another cover where it's the same exact girl in a white ball gown looking behind her. One of the book's names is Gravity, the other I can't remember.

  2. That is freaky that the publishers would allow that. Really interesting?

  3. Sorry. Meant really interesting!

  4. Interesting! Hmm. I wonder if there are ever any copyright issues with it.

  5. I'm with Julia... I wonder if the copyright laws make this an issue? I guess some of the images might be stock photography. But that can be so confusing for people who haven't read either book. I'm not sure why... But it actually upsets and disturbs me, haha! I don't know why... I just... Meh. It makes my skin crawl at the idea of two books having the same/similar cover. To me, covers should be unique and one of a kind; they should portray, in that one image, exactly what the book is about. So... how can the cover do that for two different books? Odd.


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