Jan 8, 2013

200th Post!!!!

Posted by Unknown at Tuesday, January 08, 2013
A lot has happened since I started my blog a little over a year ago... I met lots of awesome authors,  book bloggers & publishers, and have read many awesome books because of it(I think the only people who ever even slightly wish I hadn't started a blog are my family, as they hear about every little thing that happens on my blog :D).
So it's with great joy I tell you that this post is my....
200th post!!!!!
199 awesome, incredible, lifechanging posts ago, I was just a girl who loved reading. I'm still just a girl who loves reading, but now, i'm a girl who loves reading and has a book blog. And for that, I thank YOU!
Because you, you publisher, fellow book blogger, author, just a reader(although you're not just a reader, you're just as important as publishers, authors & fellow book bloggers, maybe even more so :) ), friend or foe, helped make this incredible journey possible. :) So thank you, and have a great day, and hopefully you'll still be reading this blog after 199 more posts. :)
Thank you!


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