Nov 20, 2012

Reflection On 11 Months of Blogging...

Posted by Unknown at Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Earlier I realized it's just 24 days short of being 365 days since I first created the blog I findly like to refer to as 'my book blog'. This is a post about the good and bad that i've experienced so far. <3
Of course, there are the obvious pros : free books is a high one(one I didn't know about until a few weeks after I started this review blog, might I add c:) and getting the opportunity to interview authors, and being followed by some awesome authors on twitter, and having authors comment on blog posts, is a high one, I regard authors as mini celebrities, deities, so this is pretty awesome. :D
But there's also a couple of cons : there have been a couple of times when I forgot to schedule a post, instead it being saved as a draft, and being in the car when I suddenly get an email from someone, along the lines of WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR POST and my blogger app keeping crashing. D: There's also the nailbiting times where you spend hours after sending out the interview questions wondering if any of them were offensive or stupid in any way(or this might just be me, I tend to do this for hours/days after any form of communication with many people c:) or if you just made a total idiot of yourself by posting something stupid on your blog, or when you have to send a link to one of your reviews to the publisher - is it too long, too harsh, too short, are there any stupid grammar mistakes!?!
But all in all, with all the nailbiting and stress and author interviews and yes, free books, after almost a year of doing this, it's safe to say that I love this, and I will hopefully be doing this for a long time to come. :)


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