Oct 10, 2012

My Take on Paying For Reviews

Posted by Unknown at Wednesday, October 10, 2012
There's been a lot of hubbub about this recently, and as I don't have a post for today, I thought i'd do this!
So, a lot of review companies have been offering a service that's basically 'Send us your book, we'll read it and give you a great review for whatever$'(sometimes quite a bit, 50+$).
I think this is stupid - excuse my crude word for it, but I can think of no other- the dictionary defines stupid as 'Lacking intelligence or common sense', and that just so perfectly fits this, for a few reasons I shall list here:
  1. How can you guarantee a good review? I like to think of myself as liking pretty much every book, but even I have dished out at least a couple of horrid reviews - and every single book blogger I know(at least all the good ones) have too.
  2. There's hundreds, maybe thousands of book bloggers who would kill to read and review your book, and probably do a better job at it than those people, because these are the people who have thousands of books on Goodreads, who spend every spare second on their book blog, and have such... enthusiasm about it, more than someone who views it as a job, a way to make money.
  3. Do you really believe your book is so bad the only way to get someone to like it is to bribe them? Honestly? I could not imagine doing this as an author- it's like saying hey, I think my book sucks, if I give you 50 bucks, will you lie about it?
Sorry for anyone i've offended with my post, none meant, this is just my opinion, leave yours below!


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