Sep 18, 2012

Random Keywords That Somehow Lead People To My Blog

Posted by Emily at Tuesday, September 18, 2012
I saw another blog do something on this a long time ago, and I decided to!
Taken from my stats page, here are some of the randomest things people Google to find my blog:
Best Centaurs : um.... okay? This could be a reference to Daughter of The Centuars, my review can be found HERE, but this book was in no way the best centaur book.
"as a writer, ive bee interested" : Umm... How does this have anything to do with my blog? I don't even have a suggestion here.
emily trunko : This one just sorta scares me. Who was googling my name, and for what purpose? 0o
is tim willocks vegetarian ? : Considering that I have no idea who Tim Willocks is, I don't have an opinion on this matter.
fault in our starts menu :... they want to EAT Fault In Our Stars? Which, by the way, I lent my copy to my dad and he lost it.:'(
the night circus menu : i'm guessing this is the same person.
my english bookshelf oliver twist : I have never once read Oliver Twist the whole way through.
ya books bought by adults : This is the only one that makes sense! I linked to the Publishers Weekly article HERE!
Well, this is it for this issue, but continue it down in the comments! What are some wacky keywords your blog has been found at? Do you know if Tim Willocks is vegetarian? Do you want to eat The Night Circus?


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