Sep 17, 2012

Family Reading Time

Posted by Emily at Monday, September 17, 2012
I wanted to put a post up for today, but I didn't know what to write, so I figured, write what you know.

How many avid readers have fond memories of having books read to them when they were little? *raises hands*

It started with Goodnight Moon, and ended with Series of Unfortunate Events, for me(but still every once in a while I manage to sneak a book in with my mom!)

And I wanted to pass these down to my little sister.

We just started this tonight, but we're aiming to continue it for a long time, and I thought other people might like to do it(it's not some big original idea, but it might spur other people into action).

We're going to read a chapter of a book each night, alternating people who read every couple of pages(i.e., first me, then my dad, then my sister, reading a couple of pages each). This helps also with my little sister, helps her feel independent while she reads the 'big grown up book'. :D

We just started reading The Tenth Kingdom tonight, and read a chapter, and after that we're doing Inkheart, then Howl's Moving Castle, then Fablehaven(my sister is eight, and these push her limits, so I only suggest these books for 7-8+ though) and hopefully help pass the love of reading for generations to come. :-)

Does anyone else do this? What was your favorite book as a child? Weigh in below!


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