Jun 20, 2012

Yes, I Switched Templates On You AGAIN.

Posted by Emily at Wednesday, June 20, 2012
I'm sorry! My site will be stupid and unedited for anywhere from an hour to a day(if you've been on here in the last week, you know the drill, lol) , i'm working as hard as I can!

Why would you change the layout? It was totally fine.

That's it- it was fine. I thought I didn't care, so I let my family decide which template. But now I hate my blog. I LOATHE it- all because of the template, because it doesn't make me proud of my blog. It looks ameteur.
This layout is a 100% temp, since I have yet to finish the eternal quest of finding a layout i'm head over heels for, but in the mean time, that'll do pig!

Thanks for bearing with me. <3

I switched 3 templates in 10 minutes. that must be some kind of record. I think my eternal quest is now complete though, don't you love this owl thing?!? <3


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