Jun 20, 2012

Upcoming New Feature!

Posted by Unknown at Wednesday, June 20, 2012
It is no secret that I don't like Waiting on Wednesday, nothing against the feature itself, I just have so many books I want to read I can't narrow it down!

I'm starting a new book discussion group in 2 weeks, and we are going to discuss a different genre every two weeks, since we meet biweekly, since today me and a fellow book LOVER were talking, and I realized how much I needed to talk to other book lovers, since none of my friends like reading.

So instead of  WOW every Wednesday, i'll be posting a feature tentatively titled Books to Stay Away From and Books to Look At (i'll think up a new name since that one sucks, but the name is pretty self explanatory).

Since the book discussion group disscusses a certain YA genre(dystopian etc.) i'll give you recommendations and dislikes from the group, just to let you know some books you might want to add to your TBR pile and some you might wanna check off(although you might not want to value my opinion on Dystopian much, since Divergent bored me half to death, and everyone else thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread(er, greatest dystopian since Hunger Games?)(and look at how odd this is, parentheses inside a parentheses inside a parentheses(i think that's what these are called-and i did it again).

So look forward to that feature in a few Wednesday's, and please ignore my lack of post for the next few Wednesdays!


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