Apr 23, 2012

World Book Night is over.

Posted by Emily at Monday, April 23, 2012
For months, all I have talked about to my family is World Book Night. My siblings probably know more about it than half the givers. I literally was screaming with excitement when I picked up my books a week ago.
I gave away roughly fourteen copies of the book at this huge testing thing I had to do, in the waiting room, and only two people said no- because they had already read it. I got into discussions about it with them, it was really fun.
By the time I was walking to my test, the parents were absorbed in the copies, and were going to give them to their kids next.
Next, after my testing was over, my dad drove me and my best friend, who was helping me give away the books, to a Starbucks, where the workers were super supportive, and let me pass them out. I gave away four or so books there, to super sweet people who thanked me, and were super interested in World Book Night, and gave me the best of look, and overall surprised me with their just... unending kindness. Two people said no, for unexplained reasons, although I think either they are heavy readers, or knew they wouldn't read it and wanted to give it to someone I could, and one other said no because she had already seen the movie&read the book. This lady suggested I try the bakery.
So me and my friend walked to the bakery, and no one was there, except for one old lady who declined a copy. BUT, we walked over to the worker, who was super excited and eagerly accepted a copy.
After, we went to another Starbucks, and gave the final copy to a worker.

Overall, the biggest pleasure I got out of this event is not the sweet responses that warmed my heart, but the sense that just a few people, and publishers, and authors, and everyone, all working together, could pull off something of this multitude. It amazes me.
All of my friends are going to apply for givers next year, and I hope you will too.
Read more at us.worldbooknight.org, if you are located in the US like me, or worldbooknight.org if you aren't.



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