Jan 31, 2012

On My Bookshelf: Naomi and The Horse-Flavored T-Shirt by Dan Boehl

Posted by Emily at Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's slip in a quick moral before this review, shall we?
The moral is: Never sleep with a pen in your bed. It rolled under my stomach in the night, must have broken, and there is ink all over my pajamas, all over my matress, all over my stomach- everywhere. So obey this moral.
Now it's time for the review,

I got this book: from Netgalley, I got an ebook for the purpose of this review

Publication Date: November 15, 2011

I rate this book: 3/5 stars

Summary : Endless Ranches is a town like any other town in Texas. Everybody works for the Paste Company, eats paste for breakpaste, plunch and dinner, and walks to work. But things were different before the factory came to town and all of the horses disappeared. Fourteen-year-old Naomi knows something is not quite right, but nobody talks about it. Her mom changes the subject when Naomi asks about her missing father and one of her teachers disappears after he tells the class about the town’s past. But on her birthday Naomi’s mother gives her an amazing gift that unlocks the truth about Endless Ranches: her father’s horse-flavored T-shirt. Accompanied by Sammy, a teenaged farmer forced to steal paste so he can feed his brothers and sisters, Naomi uncovers a devious Paste Company plot to subdue the townspeople and raise an army of mindless White People. Naomi and the Horse Flavored T-Shirt is a gripping tale of greed and evil, adventure and friendship that will capture readers young and old from page one.

My Review: I loved this book. Don't get me wrong, but the story seemed to drag on quite a bit in a few places, until I actually didn't want to read anymore when I was 76% done, according to my Kindle Fire, but I forced myself to trudge on, and I enjoyed the book, I guess.
But one more thing: It was superbly poorly written. Horribly written, with many spelling mistakes&grammar mistakes that made the story flow.. choppilly. I did get an ARC, as far as I know, so I hope that these problems have been fixed in the actual book.
I did dearly love this book though, and I think it'd be worth a read, especially if you, like me, love those dystopian type novels where evil rules all until that one courageous girl steps forward, in this case, it's Naomi, and she steps forward to free the horses.
Please read the first chapter or two on Amazon before you buy though, to see if you will indeed like it.


  1. This beautifully written book is a great read for all ages.As an adult, I appreciated the role-model Boehl created his characters. Naomi is a wonderful example of a tween girls can look up to - strong, courageous, determined, thoughtful, and caring. She's the girl you hope your daughters strive to emulate. In a time when many girls look to celebrities as role-models, this is a refreshing alternative. Naomi's friend, Sammy, is no less dynamic. I liked their partnership and how it progressed.Naomi and the Horse Flavored T-Shirt provides great context and commentary on today's economy and political climate. Throughout the story we see parallels to issues American's face today but told in a thoughtful and age-appropriate way.Finally, it's a quick and fun read. I actually felt like I was in Endless ranches with Naomi and Sammy and loved every twist and turn of their adventure.Boehl's use of imagery is lovely and adds that necessary panache.


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