Dec 14, 2011

On My Bookshelf : Brisingr by Christopher Paoloni

Posted by Emily at Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This book was: checked out of the library by me (I only own eldest- cut me some slack!)
Yes, I meant to type Brisingr. Yes, I am one of those people who do not have enough cash to rush out and buy a copy of inheritance, and am not even going to bother requesting it from the library- the list is pretty much filled up for the next two years.
I feel stupid to write a review of Brisingr in an Inheritance infested world, but Brisingr hasn't just faded away, y'know, and it was just wrote, like, three years ago(Okay, fine, I do wish I had a copy of Inheritance. But brisingr will have to do. Unless I can find some old lady who got a copy for her grandchild to mug... kidding, kidding, i'm a nonviolent person. Although I could hit her with a book.... Brisingr'd be extremely useful for that.. gargantuan book)
I feel like Brisingr was a big filler book- yeah, there was a few good parts, but mainly it was 200 pages of boring things no one cares about, 50 pages of violence, OH! One good page!
And Eragon has become... inhuman. He basically has no human emotions.
And Murtagh is inhuman also. A coldhearted jerk. He was my favorite character! *sob*
Dissapointing book, No offense to fans of the Inheritance series, but you'd be better off not reading this book, instead, using it to whack an old lady on the head to mug her of her copy of Inheritance like i'm gon- Er... awkward moment.
Eragon was the best book in the series(4 and a half to five stars is what I rate it), Eldest was okay(3 and a half stars), Brisingr was 1 out of 5 stars, and I have high hopes for Inheritance.
Gotta go mug an old lady!


  1. I've read the first one have the books 2 and 3 in my TBRP but I haven't gotten book 4 yet. I really need to read these books.


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